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Eastern Sierra News for June 19, 2024





Mammoth Lakes Schools need a Police Officer

Is there anywhere in Mammoth Lakes that needs the presence of a police officer more than the Mammoth Lakes K-12 school system? I think not! Where do our children first encounter peer pressure, drugs, bullying, etc? Probably in school. What is the biggest fear of the parents of school age children? Weapons in school, shootings, bullying, drugs, sex, etc. What is the biggest deterrent to these activities on school campuses? The presence of a police officer, someone the children in school get to know, to confide in and to trust. Does it work? You bet it does. If you have a school age child let the Town Council know that you want a police officer assigned to the schools to help and protect your school aged children when/where they are most vulnerable.

Harry R.White
Mammoth Lakes