MONO COURTHOUSEWith issues of air quality and bridge repairs in Mono County and water disputes and senior services in Inyo, our two Boards of Supervisors planned to meet today in Bridgeport and Independence.

First, Mono.  Lisa Isaacs, who heads up the Air Pollution Control’s new Clean Air Projects Program, was scheduled to talk to the Mono Supervisors about the program and funds available for projects that impact air quality.

The Mono Public Works Department officials planned to present an analysis on the some 23 bridges throughout Mono County.  Potential repairs needed as a result of this inspection and analysis could go higher than $400,000.  The Supervisors will think about that one.

And, the Board will give thought to a survey presentation on speeds on Mono County roadways.  This kind of survey is required in order to use radar enforcement.  The Board planned to discuss the results of the survey and recommended speed limits on the roads involved.

Meanwhile, in Inyo County several water issues dominate the agenda.  One item says the Board of Supervisors will consider a letter from the Water Commission which asks Inyo County’s intent regarding the Drought Recovery Policy, lagging Green Book revision schedule and lack of an Interim Management Plan.  In short, the Inyo Water Commission has pointed a finger at the Department of Water and Power’s failure to deal with groundwater pumping limitations and environmental concerns.  These issues have been hanging fire for a number of years. Now, it looks like the Water Commission wants to force DWP’s hand.

The Board will talk about the ongoing Dispute Resolution with DWP over a legal process.  That takes place in closed session.  So does a discussion on whether to initiate two lawsuits.  The agenda does not say more than that.  It is known that the Supervisors face a decision on whether to dispute DWP’s final pumping plan for the year.

On a senior citizen issue, the Supervisors will receive an update from the Inyo-Mono Area Agency on Aging Director regarding a recent action by the Mono Supervisors to contribute no money to offset the cost of the regional administration of this agency.

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