Students reading – a lot – with Mono’s Trails to Literacy

Dr. Stacey Adler and the Mono County Office of Education Celebrate Achievement of More Than 15 Million Words Read through Trails to Literacy Early Learning Initiative

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Mammoth Lakes, CA – Dr. Stacey Adler, Mono County Superintendent of Schools, announced that Mono County children have read more than 15 Million words in the first year of the Trails to Literacy Initiative. Trails to Literacy is a transformative early literacy movement geared towards preparing every Mono County child, birth through 3rd grade, for success in school and beyond.

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We are leveling the playing field for all children and families of Mono County by providing free access to English and Spanish books and literacy-building games through the Trails to Literacy initiative. We know that exposure to books and language early in a child’s development, long before they reach kindergarten, is critical to the academic and life success of every child. Mono County parents and families now have a free literacy-rich program at their finger tips to make supporting the literacy development of their child even easier and more convenient”, said Superintendent Adler.

Through Trails to Literacy, every family in the community has FREE access to the award-winning Footsteps2Brilliance mobile app in English and Spanish. The app provides a comprehensive literacy curriculum with more than 1,000 eBooks, skill games, and writing activities that are fun for children and easy for parents to use on any smartphone, tablet, or computer—even without an Internet connection. In partnership with Footsteps2Brilliance, the initiative brings together parents, community members, local businesses, teachers, and school leaders to create a community-wide commitment to the early learning success of children before they are enrolled in school.

Supporting every learner to achieve their highest potential is our top priority. The early achievement of over 15 Million words read has significantly increased the amount of time spent on literacy and this is just the beginning,” said Superintendent Adler.

As a transformative leader, Dr. Adler brought together parents and her community to create a social justice and equity impact approach that is taking a stand against illiteracy when she established the Trails to Literacy initiative. The residents of Mono County are fortunate to have Dr. Adler and her team leading the way to support their children’s social, emotional, and academic development”, said Dr. Gregory A. Spencer, VP of Strategic Partnerships and Equity Initiatives at Footsteps2Brilliance.

It is a privilege and honor to partner with Mono COE in this important work to provide equitable access to Footsteps2Brilliance for all Mono County families, children, and students to ensure that all children are on a trajectory toward academic and life-long success. We commend the entire Mono County community for the remarkable achievement of reading over 15 Million Words”, stated Ilene Rosenthal, CEO of Footsteps2Brilliance.


About Mono County Office of Education:

The Mono County Office of Education (MCOE) provides educational programs and services for all Mono County residents. Programs range from early literacy through Adult Education. MCOE is also responsible for the operation of all Mono County Public Libraries. For more information, please call (760) 934-0031 or go to our website at

About Footsteps2Brilliance, Inc.:

Footsteps2Briliance, Inc. is the breakthrough early learning platform that accelerates early achievement by uniting the power of mobile gaming technology with the latest in cognitive research. Footsteps2Brilliance provides enticing, interactive, 24/7 learning experiences that digitally link school and home to give students the edge they need for success in school today and the world tomorrow.


5 Responses to Students reading – a lot – with Mono’s Trails to Literacy

  1. Suzann March 17, 2018 at 6:20 pm #

    Yes, County Office of Ed is not the same as Mammoth Unified School District.
    Being an election year has nothing to do with it! It was brought to the attention of someone and if they did nothing, they could have been held accountable. Plus, the issue was brought up last year, not this election year.

  2. Bowie March 16, 2018 at 9:07 pm #

    Tank, there is a bit more to this story than just the stipend issues. Employees have been unhappy under the current leadership for quite some time. She states in the Mammoth Times that she wasn’t aware of morale issues. The fact is that a “climate survey” was gathered in spring of 2017 where employees stated their dissatisfaction with administration. This caused the formation of a committee designed to improve communications and problems within the organization. The articles in The Sheet and the Mammoth Times do not shine light on all the facts. If you’d like to know more please speak to employees of MCOE. They will be honest with you.

  3. Tank March 3, 2018 at 5:31 pm #

    Uh not quite there Gatsby. 63 mil bond is for Mammoth Unified and has nothing to do with the County Office of Education. On top of that I’ve read the articles and releases and frankly I don’t see the issue. Of course that has never stopped the local “paper” before. If there was a policy in place or it went against Ed Code that prohibited disperment of stipends, I might agree with you, But in this case it’s just not there. Weird though that it does come up in an election year. Not a conspiracy type, but makes me wonder if someone is going to run against her.

  4. Gatsby March 2, 2018 at 12:36 pm #

    Election year, $63 million bond?
    Sounds like somebody is trying to divert attention away from recent news that I don’t think we’ve heard the last of, just a hunch.

    • Bowie March 16, 2018 at 8:58 pm #

      The bond is MUSD, not MCOE.


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