Town of Mammoth Lakes news releases


The Town of Mammoth Lakes has important public information for residents and a
few helpful hints to make your stay safer and that much more enjoyable in the
beautiful Eastern Sierra.

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Be SnowSmart!

This season, Mammoth Mountain has received over 25 feet of snow, with almost 11
feet falling in February! While this creates exceptional and memorable skiing and
riding conditions, the excessive snow creates challenging driving and parking
conditions with high snowbanks, narrow streets, constricted sidewalks with limited
visibility and snow storage.

To make your stay enjoyable and safe, we ask that you slow down, keep a safe distance when following snow removal equipment, do not approach active snow removal operations, adhere to chain restrictions and park your vehicle on your driveway or lodging property well inside the orange snow stakes. Parking on all streets and roads within the Town of Mammoth Lakes isprohibited from November 1 through April 30.

Road Conditions & Chain Restrictions

For updated road conditions and chain restrictions call (800) 427-ROAD or dial 511.
 Requirement 1 (R1): Chains are required on all vehicles except passenger vehicles
and light-duty trucks under 6,000 pounds gross weight and equipped with snow tires
on at least two drive wheels. Chains must be carried by vehicles using snow tires. All
vehicles towing trailers must have chains on one drive axle. Trailers with brakes
must have chains on at least one axle.
 Requirement 2 (R2): Chains or traction devices are required on all vehicles except
four wheel/ all-wheel drive vehicles with snow-tread tires on all four wheels. NOTE:
(Four wheel/all-wheel drive vehicles must carry traction devices in chain control
 Requirement 3 (R3): Chains or traction devices are required on all vehicles, no

Winter Driving Tips
Caltrans reminds drivers to always carry chains when driving in winter conditions.
Keep a full tank of gas, carry blankets, water, food, a shovel, gloves, a flashlight,
ice scraper and a shovel. Allow extra time for travel. For additional tips, please visit
the Caltrans Winter Driving Tips webpage:

Public Information
The Town advises residents and visitors to be prepared by listening to KMMT 106.5
or Sierra Wave 92.5 for chain restrictions, road closures or shelter openings. The
Town, as needed will post updated information on the Public Information Line:
(760) 965-3612, the Town website: ( and the
Town’s facebook page: (

In case of  emergency, call 911.

Important Life Safety Message
The Town of Mammoth Lakes and Mammoth Lakes Fire Department would like to
remind residents of several life safety issues. These include the accumulation of
large amounts of snow/ice on roofs, the blockage of vents for heating and hot water
appliances, and the maintenance needed to safely use propane.

Additionally, we request that residents keep property addresses visible and fire hydrants cleared.

Excessive Snow Loads & Roof Shedding: With the large accumulations of snow
this season, our roofs are already supporting a tremendous load. Some signs of
excess snow weight on the roof include exterior/interior doors that do not open or
close easily, cracks or bulging that occur in sheetrock walling, and bowing in timber
members of ceilings/walls.

Existing structures should be able to structurally withstand current snow loads, but it is recommended that you remove snow to prevent excessive snow accumulation. As temperatures rise, roofs will shed snow and ice, especially metal roofs. Be extra careful where you walk and where children play, especially at all exits and entries. Keep your head up!

Please contact the Town of Mammoth Lakes Building Division at (760) 965-3635 if you are concerned with the structural integrity of your property.

Propane Tanks and Vents: For those homeowners that use propane, several
responsibilities come with its use. The top of the tank needs to be routinely dug out
and cleared to allow access to the shutoff valve and regulator venting. In addition,
make sure that unprotected sections of all exterior gas pipes are cleared of
snow/ice and protected from shedding snow and ice from your roof. Downward
snow pressure from snow settlement and falling snow/ice from roofs has caused
many pipe sections to crack resulting in leaks.

Unfortunately, if the leak occurs under the snow, the snow traps the gas and it may be some time before the leak is detected. Homeowners, landlords and tenants need to make sure that vents for appliances are cleared of snow and inspected so that a build-up of carbon monoxide inside does not occur. It is highly recommended that carbon monoxide detectors be installed inside structures in order to alert occupants to the build-up of carbon monoxide gas. Call the MLFD at (760) 934-2300 for additional information.

Mammoth Yosemite Airport
The Town advises passengers to contact their airline regarding updated flight
schedules with the anticipated impacts from the forecasted winter storm.

Transit Services
During the winter storm, transit services may be impacted or terminated by the
worsening road conditions and poor visibility without notice. Transit passengers are
encouraged to call ESTA at (760) 924-3184 or download the free Transit app.

Sandbags are available for residential property use at the Town Yard (299
Commerce Drive). The Town asks that you only take what you need and be
respectful of others.

Important Contact Numbers
Town of Mammoth Lakes Public Information Line (760) 965-3612
Town of Mammoth Lakes Building Division (760) 965-3635
Mammoth Hospital (760) 934-3311
Mammoth Lakes Police Department (760) 965-3700
Mammoth Lakes Fire Department (760) 934-2300
Mono County Sheriff’s Department (760) 932-7549
Mammoth Mountain Ski Area On-Hill Emergency Hotline (760) 934-0611
Caltrans, Current Highway Conditions (800) 427-7623 or 511
Caltrans Highway Information Network (CHIN) (800) 427-7623 cell phones only
Public Utilities
AmeriGas Propane (760) 934-2213
Southern California Edison (800) 611-1911
Eastern Sierra Propane (760) 872-2955
Mammoth Community Water District (760) 934-2596

General Information
Mammoth Lakes Tourism (888) GO-MAMMOTH
Mammoth Mountain Ski Area (800)-MAMMOTH
Mammoth Weather (760) 934-SNOW (7669)
National Weather Service


 When the Town experiences periods of heavy snowfall, some structures in
town can experience some degree of structural damage. Some damage can
be minor, while other structures can experience significant structural damage.
 Small cracks in drywall and doors not closing fully can be common symptoms
of snow load induced stress on buildings. While this may at first appear to be
alarming, these signs are normal, even in average snow years, and your
building is likely to be structurally sound. However, should you see broken or
fractured structural members, such as roof rafters and beams, or deformed roof
or wall surfaces, please report that damage right away to the Mammoth Lakes
Building Division at (760) 937-5939 or (760) 965-3635. You may also contact
the Mammoth Lakes Fire Protection District (MLFPD) at (760) 934-2300.
 It is highly recommended that roofs have the snow cleared off of them in order
to reduce the stress on the structure. Even if all of the snow and ice cannot be
removed, removing at least the top half to two thirds of the roof snow pack is
very beneficial. For condominiums and other structures that have property
management, please contact the property management company immediately
should there be any apparent structural issues, in addition to the Mammoth
Lakes Building Division.
 Please also be aware of shedding snow and ice at entries and exits. Very large
ice dams will form over time, and they will end up breaking loose from the roof
and fall. This is a serious life-safety hazard and should be watched at all times.
 Individual propane tanks, along with the yard pipe assembly where the gas pipe
enters a structure should also be cleared of all snow and ice. The gas pipe
point of entry into a structure is usually where the meter and the second stage
regulator are usually located. This location is usually marked with a 2” reflector
above the assembly.
 All emergency-escape rescue openings (windows and doors in rooms used for
overnight sleeping purposes) must be maintained free of snow and ice.

A list of local resources has been provided below. They include contacts for local snow
removal contractors as well as other general contractors, engineers, and building supply

 Rocky Jack’s Roofing Service: (760) 914-1139.
 Mike Kenney Roofing, Inc. (760) 934-9268 or (760) 914-1141.
 Bell Roofing: (760) 937-7590.
 Grace Roofing: (760) 937-8224.
 Sunny Skies Snow Removal: (760) 934-1075 or (760) 914-1571
 Sno-Way Snow Removal: (760) 924-0940.
 Superior Roofing: (760) 934-1401.
 GC Forest Products: (760) 934-7392 or (760) 937-1137.
 Tim Flynn Construction and Design: (760) 914-2045.
 Freeman Roofing, Inc.: (760) 934-7857 or (760) 937-2815.
 Patrick Painting One-A-Week: (760) 937-3440.

 GENERALCONTRACTORS (Please note: There are many general contractors in the
area which would make listing all of them unpractical. For contact information for more
general contractors, please consult the local phone book or conduct an on-line query):
 John Neubauer: (760) 934-2511.
 Greg Jennison: (760) 965-6716.
 Dan Hennarty: (760) 920-0331.
 Scott Busby: (760) 937-1869.
 Boyd Shepler: (760) 965-9080.
 Garren Philbrook: (760) 937-0199
 Greg Enright: (760) 937-2287.
 Dean Alexander: (760) 937-0456.
 Bergdoll Construction: (760) 648-8586.
 Lance Bauer: (760) 934-5210.
 Dave Galbreath: (760) 934-3254.
 Mike Hoover: (760) 937-7222.
 Rob Preschutti (760) 914-2927.
 Robbie Presson: (760) 937-1989.
 Jerry Verdier: (760) 937-5810.
 Dan Polis: (760) 937-5571.

 Kathy Cage, Mammoth Lakes, CA: (760) 920-4888 or (760) 934-8688.
 Bob Strong, June Lake, CA: (949) 573-2135
 Pat Clark: (775) 721-8632 or (760) 782-8886.
 Billy Janhunen, Gabbert and Woods, Incline Village, CA: (530) 300-9354
 Alex Daddow, Taylor and Syfan: (707) 430-1793 or (707) 636-4900
 Jordan Denio, Ashley and Vance, Minden, NV: (775) 298-1808
 Dooley Riva, Gabbert and Woods, Incline Village, CA: (530) 318-7170
 Rob Lauder: (775) 884-3205.
 Rob Anderson: (775) 782-2322
 Craig Tapley: (760) 934-4348.
 Kevin Chappell: (530) 583-9222.
 Elliot Brainard: (760) 934-9708.
 Bruce Woodward: (760) 934-1860.
 Robert Creasy: (760) 934-1888.
 Lee McGimsey: (760) 937-4358 or (760) 934-4358.

 High Country Lumber, Mammoth Lakes: (760) 924-8876.
– Regular store hours are 7am to 5pm M-F; 8am to 1pm Sat.; closed Sun.
– In the event of a structural emergency in which a temporary repair is
needed, please contact TOML Building Official Tom Perry at (760) 937-
 High Country Lumber, Bishop: (760) 873-5874.
 Home Lumber, Bishop: (760) 873-6379.
 Do-It Center, Mammoth Lakes: (760) 924-7112.

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