Storm-drain construction on Warren Street

– Press release from the City of Bishop

Construction of the City of Bishop Warren Street Improvements project is expected to start next Tuesday, 20 January and last until May.

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The contractor plans to start work with construction of a
storm drain near the intersection of Lagoon and Warren Streets. The contractor plans to start work on the sidewalk in the block of Warren between Line and Church streets the same day.

Storm drain construction is expected to start Tuesday with the installation of a large underground vault on Warren near Lagoon street. After that, the construction of a storm drain pipe is expected to proceed north along the east side of Warren Street to near Pine Street.

Storm drain construction should take about one month to complete. Storm drain construction will require the demolition of existing concrete curb, gutter, and sidewalk along the east side of
Warren Street. This existing concrete will be replaced as a part of the project.

The project includes the construction of new colored concrete sidewalk, curb, and gutter along Warren Street between Line and Pine Streets. Existing concrete in this area will be removed as
part of the work. Concrete removal and construction of new concrete is expected to start Tuesday on the west side of Warren Street between Line and Church streets.

Construction in downtown Bishop impacts traffic on city streets west of Main Street and will cause inconvenience and delays. Closures required for the construction include full street and intersection closures during the daytime. Equipment, workers, excavations in the street, uneven pavement, and other hidden hazards will require attention, even when work is not underway.

Businesses will still be open to serve you during construction. All efforts will be made to maintain access to businesses and to minimize project impacts and restrictions. Drivers, riders, and pedestrians should be cautious, take alternate routes, and be patient.

For more information contact City of Bishop Public Works at [email protected] or 760-873-8458.



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6 years ago

I understand that the city of Bishop is using grant money for most of this project, and yes a lot of old water, sewer, and drainage issues are being updated, but really, Warren St. a second main st. with fancy colored concrete, fancy planters, bathrooms. etc. And for what? A thrift store, two auto body shops, a mexican discount store, back door to penneys, empty old bus station, city parking lots, existing main street business loading docks, a laundromat,REALLY??? What a waste of funds that could of done good somewhere else. Edison and dwp would not do anything with the ugly power lines that line both sides of Warren and are nothing but an eye sore and this alone should have stopped this stupid project. How about doing something for those on Bishops real main st.?

bone head
bone head
6 years ago
Reply to  Bone

It’s my understanding that Bishop has limited ability to do streetscape improvements on its real Main St. due to Caltrans’s jurisdiction over it. Therefore, it’s nice the City is working on something towards making our downtown more attractive destination with grants funds as best they can. Making Bishop a more attractive destination for residents and visitors will require a comprehensive effort (read: thinking beyond Main Street).

Obviously it’s hard to understand the investment given the current uses of Warren Street – but the sidewalks, trees and other improvements will still be there in 50 or 100 years – the thrift store and the auto body shops will not. He who plants a tree, plants for posterity.

Also, I read in the Register that there is a grant program the City just launched for facade improvements in Downtown. What a wonderful complement to the Warren Street project!

While we are on the subject of what the City could have done instead – do you (or does anyone else) have any good, tangible, implementable ideas for improving our downtown (preferably with a funding source)? I’d love to hear them!