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Author Jack Fisher at Mono Basin Historical Society Meeting
On Monday, May 6, author Jack Fisher, will present “Stopping the Road: Encounters with Primary Sources,” at the Mono Basin Historical Society meeting.

Fisher road book cover

A potluck dinner and business meeting begins at 6 PM at the Lee Vining Community Center; the program will be at 7 PM. Fisher’s book, Stopping the Road: The Campaign Against Another Trans-Sierra Highway, was published in 2014, “a labor of love,” he has written, “for California’s Eastern Sierra.”

Valid historical interpretation is dependent on sources, according to Fisher, and the best of these can be the eye-witness accounts of actual participants.

Mammoth Lakes developer Bob Schotz first put him on to the road story and wisely urged him to contact those who fought the road while they were still available.

He says, “Although Judge Ray Sherwin passed before I could get to him, I was able to engage with Ike Livermore twice, and with Genny Smith countless times. In all, I spoke with twelve of the “road warriors” as I liked to characterize them. But I still needed to learn how road advocates on the Western Slope felt about the project, and for that a source unplanned for suddenly allowed me to provide balance to the story.”

All are welcome. Free!

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