Verizon said they were taking service orders in Crowley, but residents say they are not.

Last week, Verizon officials told Sierra Wave Media that high speed internet service in Crowley Lake, scheduled for March, was now available. However, residents in the Crowley community reported to us that they can not get service.

Verizon first drew the attention of the Public Utilities Commission when they erected overhead fiber optic lines without permission in the Highway 395 scenic corridor. The PUC punished them by requiring that Verizon install high speed internet service in Crowley and Swall Meadows. PUC gained a grant to do that work. Their deadline was the end of January.

Verizon asked for more time, but the PUC denied that request and threatened to penalize the utility. Verizon officials at first said they had “backhaul upgrade problems” which lead to the delays.

Last week, Jarryd Gonzales of Verizon said that the company was “currently accepting orders for internet service in Crowley and will take orders for Swall as early as next week.”

However, several residents emailed us to say they can not get service. We re-contacted Gonzales of Verizon. Gonzales replied with this: “As a result of reports that some residents are unable to order internet service, we have taken steps to look into the matter.”

We’ll keep you updated.

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