Still Hope for Snowcreek Athletic Club

As fall moves on, so do talks over Mammoth's Snowcreek Athletic Club. During summer months, owner, Linda Dempsey, sent out a letter to announce closure of the Club due to many considerations. Now, talks between Dempsey and the Town of Mammoth are designed to lead to a successful sale and continued operation of the Club.snowcreek_ac.jpg

Mammoth Town Mgr. Rob Clark said that Dempsey, the Town and their lawyers are now talking about a way to assign the density from the land under the Club to land in North Village. Previously, they talked about a more lengthy re-zoning process.

More on this is expected at a Town Council meeting October 17th.

Meanwhile, reports say a sale of the Club is underway. Mammoth Architect Elliot Brainard was named as a buyer, possibly along with others. Brainard left us a message that he did not want to comment at this time.

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