Press Release

Mark Tillemans

Chairman, Inyo County Board of Supervisors

In light of increasing rumors circulating in our community regarding upcoming commercial cannabis policy decisions, I plan to provide a full detailed report at the next Board of Supervisor’s meeting of October 17th during the Board reports portion of the agenda.

Mark Tillemans

Inyo Supervisor Mark Tillemans

I do not have any legal conflict of interest relating to any Board decisions, but I do understand that because of my interest in developing a commercial cannabis business there is a perceived conflict of interest.

Out of respect for the public and the decision-making process of the Board of Supervisors, I will be recusing myself from any Board decisions related to commercial cannabis policies.

Some of the facts I’d like to convey now and get into more detail at Tuesday’s meeting are:

  • My support of cannabis’ medicinal values and the importance of investing in research and development of the plant as a viable medicine and a safe option to opioid use
  • Transparent absence of any legal conflict of interest to date and moving forward
  • The economic boom that’s on the horizon and the worldwide interest groups in our micro-climate

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