State Budget Cuts Hurt Child Care Support

The State Budget deficit has victimized Inyo County Child Care Connection. Inyo County Superintendent of Schools Terry McAteer said that he had to issues 20 lay-off notices and State-funded preschools will now go to half-day.


Inyo County Superintendent of Schools Terry McAteer

Superintendent McAteer said that Inyo has three pre-schools in Bishop, one in Big Pine and one in Lone Pine. McAteer said that the Governor eliminated state participation in subsidized child care – home providers and small day caqre centers. He explained that local parents did get a subsidy. Now, they’re laying people off and as of July 1st, parents’ subsidies will be cut.

McAteer pointed to the ripple effect to the workforce and to low income families. “83 families will be cut off from subsidized day care,” he said. Office workers who supported the child care programs will also lose their jobs.

On top of this bad news, McAteer said that insurance for Inyo’s 500 school employees will go up between 23% and 26%. The Superintendent said the news gets worse. He said insurance will go up another 20% each of the next two years. So, a 60% rate hike for insurance over three years.

McAteer said he and his staff are looking at other health insurance providers for better deals.

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