$20 billion in the hole. That’s the dreadful truth about California’s government. At a recent meeting of the Eastern Sierra escog_6-18Council of Governments officials talked about the grim condition of our state and the question marks that hover over public services.

Officials said that California remains $20 billion in the hole. Supervisor Linda Arcularius said Democrats are doing Democratic proposals and Republicans are refusing them all. Supervisor Susan Cash discussed three plans afoot but no certainty to any of them. One of them could mean big cuts for county governments. Cash said it’s going to be “a long, hot summer in Sacramento.”

Supervisor Arcularius pointed to another problem – budgeting from the ballot box. California has passed more propositions and initiatives that tie up budget money so that legislators actually have little control over much of the money.

Inyo-Mono officials wait for the axe to fall in Sacramento, with anticipation of cuts in everything from social programs to public safety.

From Sacramento to Washington, D.C. and a story about a leaked memo and how Bodie might become a National Monument. Inyo Supervisor Arcularius said that a memo leaked out of the Department of Interior, and it listed 17 areas that the Department wants to look at for national monument or some other status. Bodie was on the list.

Mono County Administrator Dave Wilbrecht said the Mono Board is examining that issue and would have discussions about it in July. Supervisor Cash said officials assured that there would be a public process on these matters with meetings in local communities.

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