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Eastern Sierra News for June 14, 2024





Mammoth Police report the arrest of a 21-year-old Newport Beach resident after a 45 minute stand-off at a hotel in the Village. Police said the man was under the influence of cocaine, methamphetamine and alcohol.

Sgt. Karen Smart reports that shortly after noon on Saturday, officers were called out to the Lincoln House regarding a guest, John Furey Kline, who had reportedly threatened to kill housekeeping staff if they entered his room.

Sgt. Smart reports that when officers contacted the man, Kline threatened to kill any officer that entered his room.

Detective Doug Hornbeck did not enter the building, but instead spoke to Kline through an open sliding glass door on the fourth floor balcony. Sgt. Smart explained that Kline kept moving between the balcony and to the room, sometimes holding a kitchen knife to his throat and asking officers to shoot him. Officers inside the building were also talking to the man. Det. Hornbeck convinced Kline to lie down on the balcony floor and called Sgt. Marc Moscowitz, who headed up the team in the hallway. Sgt. Smart reports that once Kline went down, the team in the hallway used a battering ram to break through the door which allowed MLPD, CHP, and Mono Sheriff Officers to enter the room.

Kline was taken into custody without incident. After being treated for minor, self inflicted cuts, Sgt. Smart reports that Kline was taken to the county jail.

According to police, a male and female friend of Klines had left the room earlier because they were afraid after Kline had allegedly threatened to kill the two while brandishing a ten inch blade.

Officers determined that Kline was under the influence of cocaine, methamphetamine, and alcohol, Sgt. Smart reports. He was booked on felony charges of making criminal threats and vandalism, along with misdemeanor charges of being under the influence of controlled substances and possession of paraphernalia used to ingest controlled substances.