Submitted by Stan Smith

One of the many fun things we get to do during Mule Days each year is enjoy the 100+ unit parade down Main Street, blocking Highway 395 traffic and making it detour around town while we watch and clap and shout Howdy! And HeeHaw!


As an announcer for more than 15 years now, I get to try to put as much fun in the parade as possible, including heckling the on-lookers as well and parade participants.  Each year I’ve had the benefit of sponsors who provide give-aways, freebies, which the onlookers get prior to the start of the parade.

And each year the section between Bank of America and Whiskey Creek gets a bit rowdy with sectional and group yells such as Howdy! And HeeHaw!……..this year with the participation of Congressman Paul Cook (Col. – USMC – ret.) we also produced a sectional and group Ooorah! In honor of the Marine Corps and its approaching birthday in July.

Sponsors for the pre-parade goodies continue to include:  Bank of America for facilities and water, Schat’s Bakkery for bread coupons, Paiute Palace Casino for tee-shirts and discarded packs of playing cards, Fendon’s Furniture for fantastic custom ladies’ handbags which are always a hit, and Mule Days Celebration itself for ballpoint pens and bumper stickers and sunglasses and opera glasses and water bottles and kids’ jigsaw puzzles and ballcaps.

I’d like to give a big Thanks! and “Job-well-done” to these local businesses who helped again this year with the hand-outs that made locals and travelers enjoy their parade experience.  We had some recipients involved from active military, the mule ownership and training community, and 4 people who were celebrating their birthday during Saturday’s parade.  We had tourists from as far away as North Carolina and Virginia, and a bunch from nearby neighboring Nevada!

Even pro announcers like Bob Tallman and golfer Bob Feist get a hand-out every now and then, and the crowd looks forward to their appearance in the parade every year.  Hats off also to retiring parade committee chair Denton Sonke for a job undertaken years ago and now handed to Kary Schlick, who has some tall boots to fill!

Stan Smith

Pleasant Valley Associates Real Estate

[email protected]


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