State Senator Dave Cox passed away in his Sacramento area home on Tuesday leaving an empty seat that will need to be filled. state_capitol_1-12-09

According to staff at Senator Coxs office, it is not yet known who will replace the Senator.

To replace the Senator who represented 12 counties from the Oregon border to Mono County, Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger will call a special election. Senator Cox was last re-elected to the State Senate in 2008 and was set to serve through the end of his term in 2012.

So far the Governors Office has not set a date for the special election, but staff with the Governors Office explained that Schwarzenegger has 14 days to call a special election after the passing of the State Senator. The special election has to fall between 112 and 126 days after the governor calls for the special election.

With the options to call the special election, or to essentially wait until November and consolidate the special election with the general election, the Governors office has yet to announce how this process will move forward.

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