The snowpack at the important Mammoth Pass measuring site has increased to just about normal to date.

snow_1-19While higher up at Mammoth Mountain Ski Area the snowfall has added up to a good season for skiers, just weeks ago the snowpack at Mammoth Pass had been close to just 80% of normal.

The latest numbers from the LADWP website indicate that the snowpack is up about ten inches of water content since February 23. At 37.3 inches of water content, Mammoth Pass is now running at 97% of normal to date, which is 86% of normal for the season through April first.

In other areas of the Sierra, Gem Pass near June Lake, is running at 112% of normal to date and has reached 100% of normal for the season. Rock Creek is listed at 97%of normal to date. South Lake is listed at 119% of normal to date. Big Pine Creek is at 100% of normal to date. Cottonwood Lakes is listed at 124% of normal to date and 111%of normal for the season as a whole.

In the Owens Valley, 4.27 inches of water in Bishop add up to 91% of normal to date. Big Pine is listed at 111% of normal to date with just under eight inches of rain this season. Independence checks in at just over five inches of rain and 124%of normal to date.

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