The recent storms have finally pushed the snowpack at Mammoth Pass above normal for the season while Mammoth Mountain Ski Area has now received over 500 inches of snow for the season.

mammoth-chair-1When the official snowpack season used by DWP came to an end April 1st, the important Mammoth Pass measuring site was listed at just below normal for the seasonal total, but since that time April has brought additional snowfall to the Sierra.

At 44.6 inches of water content in the snow at Mammoth Pass, the site is now listed at 122% of normal to date and 102% of normal for the season total. Rock Creek and Big Pine Creek remain below normal for the season, but other important sites like Gem Pass near June Lake are well above normal for the season. 40.5 inches at Gem Pass is listed at 116% of normal for the season.

South Lake is listed at 124% of normal for the season at 19.7 inches of water content. Cottonwood Lakes reached normal for the season earlier in the year. With 14.2 inches of water content in the snowpack, Cottonwood Lakes is listed at 110% of normal for the season total.

At Mammoth Mountain Ski area the snow continues to fall. So far the Ski Area has reported 60 inches of snow for the month of April and a seasonal total of 516 inches. The ski season has been officially extended until July Fourth.

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