Snowmakers Make the Holiday Happen

Snow conditions at Mammoth Mountain werent what many had hoped for the Thanksgiving weekend. Despite the fact that the big pacific storms have yet to arrive, snowmaking crews were able to open up additional runs for the die hard skiers and snowboarders who came to Mammoth over the holiday weekend.

When Cleland Hoff spoke to Greg Dallas with Mammoth Mountain about the Thanksgiving weekend this year, he said that snowmaking crews finally got the cold temps they needed mid week. This allowed crews to widen Broadway and then move snowmaking on to Discovery Chair and Chair 11. Dallas reports that the guests over the weekend had a wonderful time, and that upper St. Anton off the back off chair three is really good.

Dallas says that snowmaking crews are doing a great job and he expects them to start moving their efforts toward Canyon and Little Eagle.

With the possibility of a storm toward the end of this week, Dallas says that he has his fingers crossed in the hope that some white gold, will come our way.


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