SNARL talk features author/photographer


Cactus Ave.On Tuesday, June 3, the 5th SNARL lecture will take place at the Green Church at 7pm given by Stephen Ingram, local author and professional photographer.  His talk is titled,” Cacti, Agaves and Yuccas of Eastern California”.

Ingram’s multimedia presentation will explore some of the unique attributes of the cacti, agaves, and yuccas, and highlight what makes these plants such intriguing components of our native ecosystems. Species in the agave and cactus families provide food and shelter to many wildlife species, from desert tortoises to cactus bees. These spiny succulents also employ interesting evolutionary adaptations for thriving in challenging environments. With images of their colorful blossoms and unusual growth forms, this program will showcase a number of species and varieties that occur in Inyo and Mono Counties. The program will conclude with a 10-minute stream of images set to music that illustrates the beauty of these remarkable succulents.


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