Ski Area Buys Mono Lake Land

The controversial on-again off-again land deal on the shore of Mono Lake is on again. Planning to trade the Mono Lake acreage, known as the Cunningham property, for land near the Main Lodge, Mammoth Mountain Ski Area has re-purchased a large portion of this 120 acre parcel according to the Mono Lake Committee website.

In 2005, Mammoth Mountain bought the land with the idea of exchanging it for land to expand the Main Lodge, but last winter the land owner used a buy-back option in the original contract to regain control of the Mono Lake land.

According to the Mono Lake Committee website, Mammoth Mountain paid 4 million dollars for this strip of land just north of Lee Vinning on the shore of Mono Lake. The concern of the committee is that the land would be subdivided and developed.

While no land exchange deal with the Forest Service has been formalized, the Mono Lake Committee has called this recent purchase a victory, because it stopped what they say would have been an illegal subdivision.


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