SIHD board opts for scanner trade

By Deb Murphy

With three financial options possible, the Southern Inyo Healthcare District Board voted to trade their tube-less CT Scanner for a fully functioning unit at a special Wednesday afternoon meeting. The 16-slice GE scanner, a vital diagnostic tool, should be up and running in seven to 10 days, a huge relief to medical staff.

The difference in value between the two units will require SIHD to come up with $59,000 in 120 days. Not a huge chunk in comparison to the value of the equipment but there was no guarantee the district’s cash flow could take a $59,000 hit.

In addition, the district negotiated the balance on the original equipment from GE down significantly, but it still had to be repaid.

Initially, the replacement scanner had an ETA of two weeks. Since Monday afternoon’s meeting, the time frame was negotiated down, comparable to the unaffordable option of replacing the 64-slice scanner’s tube.

Board Chair Richard Fedchenko encouraged the board to make a decision with the possibility of two options: try to get an okay from Healthcare Conglomerate Associates, the hospital’s management group, to increase the district’s line of credit or contribute less into the Prime Inter-governmental Transfer, consequently getting less back.

At the last minute, a third option materialized.

Fedchenko had been advised Inyo County had monies, outside its general fund, for short-term loans. He’d spent the day trying to make contact with Alisha McMurtrie, Inyo’s treasurer/tax collector. He got the call back mid-meeting with encouraging news. The district could apply for a 1.3-percent, five-year loan from Inyo. Fedchenko explained McMurtrie had concerns since the district is in the middle of bankruptcy proceedings and the loan would be unsecured, but it was a viable option.

Fedchenko made the motion, the board approved the trade guaranteeing the emergency room will be back in business, diagnostically.


SIHD Special Board Meeting

On Tuesday, October 10, 2017 at 6:00 pm, the Southern Inyo Healthcare District Board of Directors will hold their Special Board Meeting at the RCA Church, located at 550 East Post St, Lone Pine, CA 93545.

This meeting during Open Session will include Resolution of CT scanner problem.

Discussion and approval of application for an Inyo County Treasury Loan. Consideration and approval of Bond Counsel.

The district encourages citizens to attend board meetings to stay updated on important
community issues.


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