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When famed horror novelist Anna Sheridan discovers strange radio signals emanating from Spirit Mountain Cave in Cody, Wyoming — the only abandoned National Monument in America — she finds herself embroiled in a hundred-year-old mystery as she follows the disquieting trail of a ghost in the airwaves… Disquiet, from Trevor VanWinkle and Homestead on the Corner is a nail biter and a first glance into the creepy world of The Sheridan Tapes.
Disquiet Thumb
This supernatural Tale from the Homestead on the corner podcast, was the next in line from acclaimed audio story writer/ producer, Trevor VanWinkle. Trevor’s Nominated series, The Sheridan Tapes was actually an off shoot of tonight’s tale. The Sheridan tapes is the follow up story to our protagonist, Anna Sheridan and her life after Disquiet ended.
 To find The Sheridan Tapes and more from Trevor and Homestead on the Corner, you can go to the website homesteadonthecorner.com  or wherever you get your podcasts.
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Disquiet airs through July 9th.
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