Sierrawave Presents, brings you, The Midas Touch, performed by Playhouse 395

This weeks Sierrawave presents is brought to you by, Playhouse 395.

The Midas Touch is short comedy based on the beloved fairy tale. In this version, the greedy king Midas is demanding everything in his kingdom be bedazzled and sparkling! The peasants are frustrated by his ridiculous and greedy requests but when a cloaked stranger offers him one special wish, he outdoes himself. Being granted the gift of turning everything he touches into gold, the entire kingdom and his daughter turn against him. This hilarious play is perfect for children of all ages and presents a golden opportunity to teach a valuable lesson! Written by Andy Pavey and performed locally by Playhouse 395.


King Midas          Patrick Thompson

Gardener             Jesse Steele

Fisherman           Shawn Louth

Seamstress          Karen Keehn

Court Jester         Ghym Williams

Marigold               Grace Griego

The Stranger        Martha Reynolds

The Midas Touch was produced and edited by Abby Stoiber
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