Shoplift Somewhere Else

After a string of shoplifting arrests and prosecutions, Mono Deputy DA Kyle Graham decided to do something to help on the prevention side of the law. He has created an anti-shoplifting poster that will be available for local businesses to display in their stores.

A woman arrested for stealing clothing at a Mammoth Business recently agreed to let the DAs office and the Police use her first name and photo on the poster as part of a plea agreement on petty theft charges.

Deputy DA Kyle Graham reports that the poster was created after seeing several shoplifting cases recently, many committed by people from out of town.

Over the mugshot of the woman who plead to petty theft, the poster reads Shoplift in Mammoth Lakes? Go to jail.

For the woman in the poster, she avoided fines by agreeing to be on the poster. She also served 13 hours in custody.

Deputy DA Graham reports that the posters should be available to local businesses soon.

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