Update: Deceased man indentified in shooting in Mammoth

Mono DA news update

Update – June 7, 2018, 10:00 a.m.

On June 6, 2018, 911 was called to respond to a shooting at 343 Hillside Dr. in Mammoth Lakes. Upon arrival the reporting party stated that he was shot in the stomach by his roommate.

The reporting party, Samuel Coner Gilman, age 34, stated that a struggle ensued, and he was able to get the firearm away from his roommate, Malcolm Gregg Jolley, age 60, and returned fire believing that he killed him.

It was determined by law enforcement that Mr. Jolley was deceased and that there appeared to be multiple gunshot wounds. A .45 caliber handgun along with shell casings was located in the residence.

A forensic team from the FBI arrived in Mammoth to assist the Office of the District Attorney and Police in processing the scene. Once the scene is processed the Office of the District Attorney will have the evidence forensically examined.

The reporting party was flown to Reno and is unconscious but stable. At this time, due to his condition a formal statement has not be obtain.

Mono County DA news release – Wednesday, June 6

At approximately 11:25 a.m. on Wedenesday June 6, 2018, Mammoth Lake Police Department and the Mono County District Attorney’s Office responded to a 911 call from an individual who had been shot in his residence located on Hillside Dr. in Mammoth Lakes.

Upon arriving on scene they were met outside by the reporting party who had been shot in the stomach.

The reporting party indicated that he was shot by another male in the residence but was able to wrestle control of the gun away from him and return fire.

The reporting party was transported to Mammoth Hospital and stabilized for transportation to Reno.

Law Enforcement has secured the scene and is waiting for a forensic team to arrive to process the scene.

The other individual remains in the residence and is presumed dead.


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4 years ago

“At this time, due to his condition a formal statement has not be obtain.”

Despite the attempt at ostentatiously officious gravitas, we remain in the east side, don’t we?

David Dennison
David Dennison
4 years ago

Rick…I was going to more or less say the same thing…I watch a lot of the Discovery Investigation true-crime episodes on television…could be self defense,could be something more sinister going on there…we’ll see…

Rick O'Brien
Rick O'Brien
4 years ago

Not gonna touch this one with a ten foot pole…(not until all the facts are in)