Seriously? Come on Mono County! Stand up, sit down, or lay down, but really, Be Counted!!

Mono County Residents! Make the Census Count!

Do you really want your tax money going back to other places, to other people, than here where it is needed most?! How much federal dollars come back to support services in our own area depends on the numbers–the numbers of YOU. Of all of US! Please be sure to get counted. It’s more important than you know!

According to the 2020 Census response rate map, Mono County has the lowest self-response rate in California at 13.5%.  The statewide self-response rate is 61.8%.

The census population count is done every ten years and is used to determine how hundreds of billions of dollars per year is allocated to communities for schools, emergency response, roads, bridges and more. The goal of the US. Census Bureau is to count each person once, and only once, and in the right place.

Census worker. Answer the door! Be Counted!

One of the reasons for Mono County’s low response rates is that many homes are in rural areas where mail is not delivered.  Over the past two weeks, census takers have been dropping off paper questionnaires at front doors of homes that use a post office box, or where mail is not delivered.

We ask that people please respond now to the 2020 Census, using the census identification number printed on the questionnaire.  People can respond online at, by calling 1-844-330-2020 or by mail.

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3 years ago

I have to imagine that is because the census has not reached out in Mono County. Nothing, no contact whatsoever. Nothing in the mail, nothing on the door, no e-mail, nothing. I was wondering when we would get something about the census, so I looked it up on line and… Read more »