The investigation into the fire that destroyed the Schulman Grove Visitor Center in the Bristlecone Pine Forest has wrapped up. Now, authorities wait for CalFire to write up the cause and origin of the blaze.

The fiery destruction of the famous visitors center has attracted attention from around the state. Vacationers who frequented the site have sent comments to our website about how sorry they are. Locals have voiced deep regret, too.

Inyo Sheriff Sergeant Jeff Hollowell has worked on the investigation. He said that it has wrapped up and that evidence samples have been sent to the Department of Justice. Hollowell said that agencies now await CalFires final write-up of the incident, including the cause and origin of the fire.

Asked about the believed origin of the blaze, Hollowell said that the tentative ruling places the start of the fire at the back part of the building in the location of the generator and batteries.

Sergeant Hollowell said that investigators took cement samples from the same area and that if they find an accelerant, they will know more about the cause.

Hollowell said the believed origin is also the place where the fire burned hottest.

Ironically, even as citizens morn the loss of the center and investigators look for reasons, the public will make note of the 50th anniversary of the Bristlecone Pine Forest designation on Saturday at 1pm at the site of the burned center.

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