School will begin as 100% distance-learning in Lone Pine and pretty much everywhere else!

All the school districts are going for distance learning as being the safest alternative for our children as long as the local COVID-19 numbers keep rising. We simply don’t take chances with our children. And then there’s the issue of not only might they catch the coronavirus, but also that they can bring it home and spread it.

Let’s hope and pray that a remedy is found, and found soon!

Call or visit the school district’s website for more information specific to your family.

Below is  a message from the Superintendent of LPUSD. Most of the letters going out from Big Pine, Owens Valley and Bishop essentially all say the same thing. Support our schools, our teachers and our children. Be safe and mindful of the needs of others.

A message from the Patrick Traynor, Superintendent of Lone Pine Unified School District

Hello Lone Pine Parents, Students, and Staff:

Unfortunately, due to the escalating cases throughout the county and now including our local area of Lone Pine, our Public Health Department with Public Health Office Dr. James Richardson is asking all districts in Inyo County to close to in person instruction. This news only came moments ago late this morning in an impromptu meeting Dr. Richardson scheduled with the district superintendents.

From all the data, information, and metrics on Monday, Dr. Richardson and staff had justification to advise schools to reopen with precautions as the increase in cases appeared to be restricted to the Bishop Care Facility. However, since Monday, the increases in cases have spread to the South end of Inyo County and throughout. This led to the departments’ conclusion that opening schools for any type of in person (full or partial) learning is not safe for students, staff, their families, and the community.

This means that Lone Pine Schools’ reopening plan will start off as 100% distance learning. We hope this will all change for the sake of our students, staff, and community as soon as possible. The schedule will continue to be a modified day and will occur as it is stated in the reopening plan. School will begin promptly at 8:00 AM with grades 6-12 rotating between periods. School will end at 12:15 PM and teachers will be available for office hours in the afternoon to answer questions and to actively reach out to students who need it for success.

School meals (breakfasts and lunches) will continue to be available on a grab and go bases and will be delivered to the outlying areas as was done at the end of the school year last term. A schedule will be posted on our website and we will let you know when that is available.

We understand this is a disappointing situation for everyone. We thank you for your continued understanding, patience, and support.

Patrick Traynor

Hola, padres, estudiantes y personal de Lone Pine:

Desafortunadamente, debido a la escalada de casos en todo el condado y ahora incluida nuestra área local de Lone Pine, nuestro Departamento de Salud Pública con la Oficina de Salud Pública, el Dr. James Richardson, está pidiendo a todos los distritos del condado de Inyo que cierren la instrucción en persona. Esta noticia llegó hace unos momentos a última hora de esta mañana en una reunión improvisada que el Dr. Richardson programó con los superintendentes de distrito.

De todos los datos, información y métricas del lunes, el Dr. Richardson y el personal tenían justificación para aconsejar a las escuelas que reabrieran con precauciones, ya que el aumento de casos parecía estar restringido al Centro de Atención Bishop. Sin embargo, desde el lunes, los aumentos en los casos se han extendido al extremo sur del condado de Inyo y por todas partes. Esto llevó a los departamentos a la conclusión de que abrir escuelas para cualquier tipo de aprendizaje en persona (total o parcial) no es seguro para los estudiantes, el personal, sus familias y la comunidad.

Esto significa que el plan de reapertura de las escuelas de Lone Pine comenzará como un aprendizaje a distancia al 100%. Esperamos que todo esto cambie por el bien de nuestros estudiantes, personal y comunidad tan pronto como sea posible. El horario seguirá siendo un día modificado y ocurrirá como se establece en el plan de reapertura. La escuela comenzará puntualmente a las 8:00 am con los grados 6-12 rotando entre períodos. La escuela terminará a las 12:15 PM y los maestros estarán disponibles durante el horario de oficina por la tarde para responder preguntas y comunicarse activamente con los estudiantes que lo necesitan para tener éxito.

Las comidas escolares (desayunos y almuerzos) seguirán estando disponibles en bases para llevar y se entregarán en las áreas periféricas como se hizo al final del año escolar el último trimestre. Se publicará un calendario en nuestro sitio web y le informaremos cuando esté disponible.

Entendemos que esta es una situación decepcionante para todos. Le agradecemos su continua comprensión, paciencia y apoyo.

Patrick Traynor


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2 Responses to School will begin as 100% distance-learning in Lone Pine and pretty much everywhere else!

  1. Russ Monroe August 14, 2020 at 7:52 am #

    Thank you! There is no other safe choice to make.

  2. Trouble August 14, 2020 at 5:35 am #

    Sorry to say this, but welcome to the great depression for our working class families.

    Starting now we have:
    No insurance
    No schools
    No churches
    No medical
    No day care
    No job offers
    No money
    And owe the federal govt more than my rent for a year. All because they changed my tax deduction without telling me.
    This hasn’t happen to me, except for the unexpected tax bill. But this is about to happen to at least 30 percent of our neighbors! It’s sad!


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