As we reported last night, parents and students were upset by what appeared to be the school superintendent’s recommendation to eliminate soccer, golf, and cross country skiing. Meeting observers also remarked on what they described as Superintendent Mike DeRisi’s anger over the Board’s refusal to accept his plan. DeRisi has offered more.

Superintendent DeRisi said he was definitely not happy at the way things were portrayed that he was trying to eliminate soccer and golf. He said that’s not quite true. DeRisi said Mammoth does not have home fields for either soccer or golf and that he did not propose shutting down the teams but shifting the cost to the parents of players.

In the case of soccer, DeRisi said some parents pay a $125 participation fee. They would keep that money, under his plan. DeRisi said he may have appeared angry, but he said he was frustrated that his plans were not accepted by the School Board.

Parents and students objected to the cut of funds to soccer, golf and cross country skiing. Board members responded and took the cut to these sports off the table.

DeRisi said he worked hard to avoid staff and program cuts at Mammoth Schools. He felt the sports program funding cut was a last resort. Now, DeRisi will work to find a way to cut $58,000 to balance the budget.

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