SCE work impacts water levels

(USFS Press Release)

Construction Activities in the Rush Creek Area
~Less Water in Agnew, Gem and Waugh Lakes, Summer 2012~

Agnew Lake dam

BISHOP, CALIF., July 11, 2012 – From July through October, hikers and backpackers entering the Ansel Adams Wilderness on the Rush Creek Trail will encounter construction activities at Agnew Dam.  The lake will be partially drained throughout that time to allow Southern California Edison access to the dam to perform repairs that will extend the life of the dam.  The work will include the installation of a liner on the upstream face of the dam.

Hikers and backpackers on the Rush Creek Trail will also encounter low reservoir levels in Gem and Waugh Lakes.  Gem and Waugh Lakes will be partially drained to allow Southern California Edison to perform engineering studies on the dams.

Precautions are taken during these activities to protect Inyo National Forest and Ansel Adams Wilderness resources.  The Rush Creek Trail will remain open and will not be affected by this work.  To assure your safety when in the area, please stay clear of all construction activities.  Agnew, Gem, and Waugh Lakes are operated by Southern California Edison under the jurisdiction of the U.S. Forest Service, Inyo National Forest (INF), and the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission.

For further information, please call Dan Golden, SCE, at (760) 873-0724 or Sheila Irons, INF, at (760) 924-5534.

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