Same Sex Marriages – Eastern Sierra Style

All over California, yesterday was the first day same sex partners could actually apply for and get a marriage license.

In Inyo County, Clerk Mary Roper said that her office has all new forms and they will treat same sex marriage licenses just like the other ones. When we talked to her Tuesday, she had issued no marriage licenses but had received one or two phone calls.

Inyo County currently issues maybe 100 marriage licenses a year to heterosexual couples.

In Mono County, same story with new forms that now list Party A and Party B instead of Bride and Groom. The new process requires the same thing as former marriage licensees – show up, pay a fee, fill out the forms.

The Community Development front desk in Mammoth Lakes confirmed yesterday that Mammoth Planning Commissioner and businessman Tony Barrett and friend Paul Jurewicz did make the first same sex marriage application. They have long been a very visible couple and were the first same sex partners to receive municipal insurance benefits.

Other calls came into the Mammoth office – someone from Virginia may have plans to tie the knot in Mammoth Lakes – hey, a perfect resort setting for historic marriages.

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