Conceptual image of new animal shelter

Conceptual image of new animal shelter

With a quick move, the Inyo Public Works Department presented a bid award for construction of the new Animal Shelter to the Supervisors Tuesday. The low bid went to Rudolph Construction at $699,960. Deputy Public Works Director Jim Tatum said the organization ICARE would provide $416,000 of that money and the County, $375,000. Later, the Supervisors voted unanimously to award the bid.

Tatum said that County crews would have the building pad laid down by next Wednesday. President of ICARE, Ted Schade, said ICARE funds raised would pay for the $416,000 share, including $25,000 from the recent Lions and Rotary Clubs spaghetti dinner fundraiser. Schade said the ICARE Board agreed to authorize an agreement with the County and would write the County a check. Schade said ICARE formed in 1997 and saw the condition of the old Animal Shelter. The goal became a new shelter. The old facility was constructed as a milk barn at the county farm in the 1920s, and was never intended to be used as a shelter for companion animals.

The new shelter will house about 40% more dog kennels and cat cages, will have outdoor areas for the pets, feeding and grooming rooms and a comfortable space for the public and the county staff. Completion of the new building is set for December.

Much earlier, Ted Schade had pointed out that “by providing a center for both pets and people that will be more spacious, more comfortable and more efficient, the dogs and cats will be better cared for and the public will have a Pet Adoption Center that we can all be proud of.”

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