Royal Visit Brings Secret Service and Harley-Davidsons

King Abdullah of Jordan made a quiet splash a few years back when he and a few friends on Harley-Davidsons roared on Sunday.

Two weeks ago, Mammoth Police Officer John Mair met with the Secret Service to plan for the royal arrival. Mair said King Abdullah had visited Mammoth Lakes before and he wanted to stay somewhere off the beaten path, concerned about anti- Moslem and Middle East protestors.

No one objected to the Kingly presence. Apparently, the Secret Service and Royal Guard had picked out places for the King to dine and visit. Who can deny Abdullah picked the best get-away to escape hassle?

After all, things remain tense back home as Mid-East conflicts escalate. The King’s late father, King Hussein, established a widely recognized human rights record for Jordan and a democratic society with many civil liberties.

King Abdullah has expanded on his father’s record with vast economic improvements in Jordan, health care available even in the most rural areas, and a high literacy rate. The King has worked with religious leaders to bring Islam together with Christianity for peaceful projects.

Too bad he couldn’t stay for the Jazz Jubilee this week.


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