Rotary Club of Bishop welcomes Interact Club

Press release
Tuesday, October 3rd, Five Bishop Union High School Interact Club members came to The Rotary Club of Bishop’s noon meeting to volunteer to work for contributions to their club.

Jin, Jordan Kost, Emily Kershner, Kristen Lamb and Arianna Pope.

“Jin”, Jordan Kost, Emily Kersner, Kristen Lamb and Arianna Pope agreed to do various jobs for members’ contribution.   A total of $1450.00 was raised for their Interact Club.  The Bishop High School Interact Club has over 30 members.
The Interact Club is a community service club for youth ages 14 – 18.  Clubs benefit from sponsorship by individual Rotary Clubs, which provide support and guidance.
The Rotary Club of Bishop is extremely proud to sponsor these outstanding and enthusiastic students willing to give their time for service to their community and the world.
Interact has a membership of over 150,000 youth in more than 11,000 clubs worldwide.  It’s one of Rotary fastest growing programs.  Interact clubs are self-governing and self-supporting and are either school or community based.  Interact’s name is a combination of the words “international and action.”  With clubs in over 120 countries and geographical areas, interact is truly a phenomenon.
For more information about Bishop Union High School Interact Club, please contact DeEtte Johnston, 760 872 7970.
– Submitted by Pat Nahin


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5 years ago

Donald Salac…..So true what you say there…..does seem like a LOT of bad news things going on here in the Owen’s Valley lately…..and sadly,I can see the difference from how it was when I first moved here 18 years ago…but still a heck-of-a-lot better than many areas not too far… Read more »

Donald Salac
Donald Salac
5 years ago

Well, there seems to be some hope for this world after all. Thanks Sierra Wave for some good news.