By Deb Murphy

The Rossy settlement conference has been postponed, again. The conference will now take place Friday, March 20 before Judge Phillip Argento.

Dawndee Rossy

Dawndee Rossy

Kenneth and Dawndee Rossy and her attorney David Evans appeared in the Bishop Courthouse Thursday afternoon. Absent was Kenneth Rossy’s attorney, Gerard Harvey. Harvey was suspended beginning Nov. 21, 2014 and is ineligible to practice law for 90 days.

Inyo County District Attorney Tom Hardy had anticipated calling for a trial date if no settlement or movement toward a settlement occurred Thursday. While expressing his frustration with the delays following the brief proceedings, Hardy said he would rather not be faced with a re-trial on appeal for what he described as a long and complex case.

One possibility is another delay if Kenneth Rossy requests a court-appointed attorney. A previous October 6, 2014 trial date was vacated when Dawndee Rossy requested a court-appointed defense attorney after her private counsel, Michael Berger, was granted a motion to be released from the case.

The Rossys are facing 135 counts. The primary charge is embezzlement of $1.5 million from the Inyo County Department of Health and Human Services. The Rossy’s were arrested in April 2013, pleaded not guilty to the original 44 counts and have been out on bail since April 17, 2013.

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