Rodeo Grounds Still Draws Talk

The first environmental scoping meeting for Intrawest’s Rodeo Grounds project in June Lake was held on Tuesday.

Intrawest has submitted plans to develop the 90 acre Rodeo Grounds parcel into a village with 90 foot buildings, 40,000 sq ft of commercial space and some 833 units. The land is located across Hwy 158 from June Mountain Ski Area.

The project has stirred up strong emotions in the June Lake community, where a wide divide has emerged between those who want the development, and those who despise it.

Following last year’s disastrous ski season and lukewarm summer season, much of the opposition has waned, but it is hardly gone.

Many citizens commented on the need for the environmental reports to study issues such as impact to nearby meadows and fishing access, volunteer fire department capacity, downstream water effects, traffic circulation and snow storage.

Al Heinrichs of the June Lake Advocates, a group long opposed to the magnitude of the project, submitted his group’s comments in writing-a document that landed with a thud on the consultant’s table.

The comments will be taken into consideration as the consultants prepare the Environmental Impact Report mandated under the California Environmental Quality Act. The tentative release date for the report is June 08.

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