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“Small Town Rodeo – Big Time Fun” …Rodeo is back at the Lone Pine Rodeo Grounds

Yep! “Small Town Rodeo – Big Time Fun.” That’s the motto of the Lone Pine Rodeo as it brings back the rodeo days of the Lone Pine Stampede.

Organized in 1941 by local ranchers, the Memorial Day, Lone Pine Stampede became an annual event every Memorial Day for over 25 years celebrating Southern Inyo County’s cowboy and ranching heritage. Visitors and townspeople joined in the Wild West atmosphere as top rider’s appeared in the professional arena; local girls vied to be Stampede Queen. It was a grand family event for all and – parade, burro races and barbecue rounded out the weekend.

In the spirit of the Lone Pine Stampede, Lone Pine’s Ranching community invites you to –

The First Annual 6 Steer Roping Saddle Roping

Saturday April 27th 2013 Sign-up at 9:00 AM Rope at 10:00 AM

See details on attached PDF and or at our website:

Come on Down! Let’s bring back the Cowboy Tradition that inspired our generation and NOW can inspire our younger generation in OUR COMMUNITY to keep ALIVE and STRONG the values of Western Heritage and rekindle good family fun for young and old.

CONTACT: Rod Ayers: 760-258-6230 COWBOY UP! In Lone Pine – Saturday April 27th 2013

7 Handicap Warm-up Roping 3 for $21.00 draw pot

*7 Handicap (First 3 Steers of the 6 Steer for Saddle)

5 Handicap 3 for $21.00 draw pot

6 Handicap 3 for $21.00 draw pot

7 Handicap 3 for $21.00 pick partner

*7 Handicap (Second 3 Steers of the 6 Steer for Saddle)

*Saddle Roping-6 Steer Draw pot on points.

Sign-up as Header or Heeler, 7 Handicap. 6 for $120.00

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