Rick Wood Steps Up to Council Candidacy

Once a controversial mayor of the Town of Mammoth and member of the Town Council, attorney Rick Wood wants back on


Rick Wood, Mammoth Town Council candidate

that governmental body. In a statement released Wednesday, Wood says he will stop endless debate with no decisions, stop spending money the town doesn’t have, stop decisions behind closed doors. Wood said he will clearly state his views on bear management and the role of law enforcement in the community.

Once off the Council, Wood had made strong public statements about the way the new Council handled money and affairs of the Town. His critical message was not always met with receptivity by the current Council.

In his announcement of candidacy, Wood said, “I will lead the effort to change the way this government does business. No longer will the Council engage in endless debate without conclusion. No longer will this government spend money which it does not have. No longer will the Council represent specific interest groups without regard to the community as a whole. No longer will decisions be made behind closed doors. No longer will Town staff determine Council priorities.”

Wood’s statement also says he will return leadership to the Council and go beyond special interests. Wood says that in coming weeks he will fully present specific proposals for “restructuring the government, for encouraging the return of investment in our community, for creation of stable jobs, and for rebuilding a broken economy.”

Finally, Wood states that he will clearly state his views about bear management, the role of law enforcement in the community, new and innovative recreation opportunities, and development standards and controls.

So far, Wood is the second man with experience on the Town Council to declare candidacy. Current Councilman John Eastman had also confirmed he will seek another term.

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