Results of DUI Checkpoint in Mammoth Lakes

Drunk driving and holidays – they seem to go together, but this Labor Day holiday not much came to the attention of law enforcement.dui_checkpoint.jpg

In the case of the sobriety checkpoint in Mammoth Lakes, police officers said it appeared motorists had heard about it and kept their acts clean.

Cleland Hoff headed out to the DUI checkpoint which was set up on Highway 203 on the lanes heading into the town. The operation was also designed to check for suspended or revoked drivers' licenses. Cleland talked to Mammoth Police Traffic Officer David Scobie who said that officers manned the checkpoint from 6pm to midnight. They made no DUI arrests and just one driving on a suspended license arrest.

Officer Scobie added that even though they're not required to advertise checkpoints, they want to since it works as a deterrent to driving under the influence.

On one more note, the Bishop CHP office reported making four DUI arrests during the holiday week-end.

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