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For the past month, Wildcare Eastern Sierra has hosted numerous free education programs in their Center front yard. In small groups of 10 or less, children and adults learn about our wild neighbors from Razzle the Raven, Spirit and Bullitt (Red-tailed Hawks), Harvey the milksnake, other animals and exhibits of nests, eggs, shells, bones, and more.

Wildcare staff and volunteers share information and experiences and answer questions. Free handouts are available. If your family, friends, club are interested, call Wildcare at 760-872-1487 to book a date.

Wildcare ESC Education Program milksnake

Visitors learn about Harvey the milkshake, and snakes in general, from Wildcare staff Leith Felgar and Director Cindy Kamler

Bring your family, friends, and visitors to the Wildcare Eastern Sierra Center. WESC depends on your  support to continue their lifesaving work rehabilitating, and returning abandoned, lost, sick and injured wildlife animals back into the wild where they belong.

Wildcare ESC Education Program nature

Wildcare’s education program visitors check out the many natural exhibits after their visit with the animals.

Please consider a donation of your time or money to help them. Volunteers learn about local wildlife and knowledge on how to help save them.

Wildcare ESC Education Program mother snakes

Education program visitors learn about Harvey the milksnake, and mother snakes, from Wildcare’s Leith Felgar.

Please support our Wildlife! CLICK on the Wildcare Eastern Sierra logo at the top of this article to go straight to the donation webpage!


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