Rene Fox Memorial Near Independence Vandalized – Again

Once more vandalized, the Rene Fox memorial just off Mazourka Canyon Road outside Independence.

Two years ago, 25 year old Rene Fox of Simi Valley died in the desert. Authorities ruled that her death was caused by acute methamphetamine intoxication. Locally, a number of people sympathized with the young woman’s plight and created a memorial where her body was found.

Last month, locals found that someone had destroyed the memorial and left a note that a religious site has no business on public land. Wayne Deja of Lone Pine re-assembled the memorial on a smaller scale, but now someone has destroyed it again.

Those interested went back again to put the memorial back together with plastic flowers, figurines and a message of hope.

BLM Director Bill Dunkelberger said that BLM was not connected to the memorial destruction. He said BLM policy doesn’t really allow memorials but no one would not go out of their way to dismantle anything.

Dunkelberger also pointed out that the memorial may very likely sit on private or DWP land, not BLM.

Those in support of the memorial say they will quietly maintain it in spite of someone out there who keeps knocking things down.


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