Rene Fox Memorial Destroyed

Two years ago, the body of 25 year old Rene Fox from Simi Valley, was found outside Independence off Mazourka Canyon Road. Authorities said she died from acute methamphetamine intoxication. Those who sympathized with the young woman’s plight created a memorial where her body was found. Local people had kept it maintained until recently when someone destroyed it.

Wayne Deja of Lone Pine said that he and a two women from Independence went to the memorial a couple of times a month to keep things in good shape, including solar-powered lights. Deja, himself, had said he held particular understanding about those taken in by drugs, and he felt sorry for the young woman who got lost in the desert here and died. Deja said unknown people had left angel figurines, stuffed animals and messages and prayers in the wooden prayer box on the site.

At the end of July, Deja stopped by and found that someone had destroyed everything and thrown out all the items. Deja said all the glass angels were broken,stuffed animals torn up, pictures cut up and solar lights broken.  q

Deja said a hand-written note said, “This religious site has no business on public land, see the First Amendment.”

Deja said many people had found the memorial “spiritual and touching.” He was saddened by the person who destroyed it. Deja said the prayer books was still intact. He will try to get it to Fox’s family to let them know many people did care about Rene Fox’s tragic end.


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