Plans to use recycled water to irrigate the Sierra Star Golf Course in Mammoth are expected to start this month. Mammoth Water District crews are slated to install the distribution pipes throughout the spring and summer along the bike path between the wastewater treatment plant and Mammoth Creek Park.

Erica Hegeman with the Mammoth Water District reports that crews will work up hill from the waste water plant at Meridian and 203, working along dirt roads and the bike path. Portions of the bike path will be closed from mid-May to mid-August when the bike path will be repaved.

The first customer to use the recycled water will be the Sierra Star Golf Course. Hegeman reports that this should save 360 acre feet of potable water a year, the amount required by 1700 residential units a year. There are also plans to service the Snowcreek Golf Course in the future. The Sierra Star Golf Course recycled water project is scheduled to be up and running by the summer of 2010.

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