Recount of District 5 Inyo Election

Friday afternoon, Inyo County Clerk Mary Roper released the information – Supervisor Richard Cervantes won his election with 50% plus one vote, he squeaked through. Since the votes were so close, Roper decided to do a recount with a hand tally of ballots. She slated that recount for Tuesday morning.cervantes.jpg

The initial count of ballots did not include an uncounted 1,000 absentees and provisional ballots. So, the day after the elelction, Supervisor Cervantes came in at 49.7% with candidate Mike Dorame at 36.25%. Bill Wenzel had 13.45% of the vote. After the count of the remaining ballots, Cerevantes hit the required 50% plus one vote mark. To make absolutely sure, since the vote is so close, the recount will take place tomorrow.

The final ballot count did not change any other race. The Judgeship remains as a runoff between Judge Brian Lamb and attorney Tom Hardy. Marty Fortney won as District 4 Supervisor and Supervisor Susan Cash retained her seat in Distsrict 2.

In other election news, on the state level, Dave Cox won as State Senator, representing Mono County and the rest of District 1. A new State Assemblyman represents Mono County. He is Tom Berryhill.

For Inyo County, a new State Assemblyperson. Connie Conway won in Assembly District 34. In Inyo County, candidate Bob Smith won handily. Smith lost, just behind Conway, statewide. The wife of former Assemblyman Bill Maze, Becky Maze came in third.

There was no State Senate race for Inyo this time around.

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