Recent Snow Takes Edge Off Dire Drought Conditions

Do drought conditions really look as bad as some say? According to the state Department of Water Resources, no, it’s not that awful.

According to DWR, the mountain snowpack that feeds the state’s reservoirs has reached 80% of normal to date. Precipitation, they say, in the Sierra has climbed above 90% of average. Maury Roos, chief hydrologist for the state, said it doesn’t look too bleak and he thinks runoff will top last year’s. Roos said that while we do have a drought on our hands, it’s not the worst we’ve seen.

LADWP’S website shows Mammoth Pass snowpack at just over 30 inches – still lower than last year but not by much. The snow sensors show most of the areas of the Eastern Sierra at 70% to 86% of normal to date. Precipitation figures loom much lower.

Fear of drought and a heavy hit for agriculture pushed Senator Dave Cogdill to introduce a $10 billion water bond package with funds for new reservoirs and other infrastructure.

Los Angeles Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa may revise his draconian water restrictions in light of a better snowpack, but so far he has made no changes.

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