After a bit of snooping, we discovered that the jets responsible for the huge sonic booms in Independence Tuesday came from LeMoore Naval Air Station.

Public Information man, Dennis McGrath, said that military authorities are looking at the tapes from the two jets involved. They will figure out how the sonic booms happened. The pilots of two Super Hornet strike fighter jets were responsible for flying faster than the speed of sound.fa18-s.jpg

McGrath said that the Owens Valley, known as R-2508 military air space is not a Super Sonic Corridor. That means, sonic booms are not allowed in our area. The PIO said LeMoore is "trying to find out how it happened and make sure it never happens again."

That's some comfort to Independence residents, blasted by the huge sonic booms that shattered the nerves of residents, forced doors and windows open, broke some windows and knocked belongings off shelves.

McGrath said that those who suffered damage can go to, click on claims and submit one. He said the military will take care of damage if it were caused by the sonic booms.

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