Ready for Paper Ballots

The February 5th Presidential Primary has one major characteristic – old voting machinery has lurched back into use.

Clerks’ officers eagerly embraced computerized voting. Bottom line – a faster way to work. California’s Secretary of State de-certified all of those lickety-split computers, based on evidence that they could be hacked and votes altered.

So, it’s back to paper ballots and optical scanners to count them. It will take longer, but Elections Departments in our two counties have systems ready to go. In addition to paper ballots, polling places do have touch-screen computers for the handicapped only.

This Tuesday marks not only California’s Presidential Primary but some 23 other states too. Thus, Super Tuesday. In California, the ballot also includes propositions on gambling packs with tribes, term limits and community college issues.

Since items on the ballot are limited to presidential candidates and propositions, the hand count should move along fairly quickly. Local candidates get in on the action in the June 3rd election.

In Mono County, the recall of Assessor Jim Lovett will likely go to the ballot. Supervisors were expected to issue an order for a recall election today. If that happens, then citizens who want to run for Assessor can sign up to do that.

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