“Spelunker” and “Plenipotentiary” Take Spelling Bee Winners to the Top

With poise and skill, 34 finalists from Inyo’s high schools, middle and elementary schools stepped up to several rounds of


(l-r) Elizabeth Nunez, Evelen Nunez, Karin Morales, Ashley Chapaliere

words. The first place winners were Ashley Chapeliere from Lone Pine High School and Kevin Sprague from Home Street Middle School, who won first place two years in a row.

Kevin Sprague spelled “spelunker” correctly to take home


(l-r) Tenaya Morelock, Olivia Grah and Kevin Sprague

the prize. High school contestant Ashley Chapeliere took back the trophy for Lone Pine from Bishop’s former winner Karina Morales who took second place this year. Ashley won the competition when she correctly spelled “plenipotentiary”.

Other winners in the high school competition were Elizabeth Nunez and Evelen Nunez in third place from Owens Valley and Chelsea Chapeliere of Lone Pine and Sheyanne Wilder of Owens Valley in fourth.

In the elementary/middle school competition, Olivia Grah of Round Valley placed second, Tenaya Morelock of Round Valley, third, Matthew Ono of Home Steet, fourth and Carolyn Hagopian Jimmy Tamasek both of Pine St. and Logan Stephenson of Round Valley shared fifth.

Can you spell perspicacious? Thats a synonym for the winners.

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