“Checkpoint” Dial-A-Ride Fills in For Lost Fixed Routes

Last Friday marked the end of the fixed bus routes in Bishop. Eastern Sierra Transit Authority did come up with an alternative to help the many riders of the fixed routes still get around.esta_bus

Jill Batchelder of ESTA said that the new system, called Checkpoint Dial-A-Ride offers fixed places to pick up the bus and get dropped off at your destination. The pick-up spots are Vons/Kmart, Paiute Palace Casino, Joseph’s Market, Senior housing on Clark St., and Northern Inyo Hospital. The fares are lower than regular Dial-A-Ride which will continue.

Checkpoint Dial-A-Ride costs $1.50 and $1 for seniors, disabled and youth. Batchelder said this new system mitigates the loss of the fixed routes. ESTA picked the most popular locations for the new system.

Because of a loss of state funds, ESTA had to cut back. Batchelder said ESTA runs buses 10 hours less per day but cuts have come at low ridership times in the early morning and evening. Call 760-872-1901 for more info.

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