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– Press release from Town of Mammoth Lakes Town Manager Marianna Marysheva-Martinez:


Ray Jarvis

Ray Jarvis

Mammoth Lakes, California, July 5, 2013 – The Town announced today that Ray Jarvis, the Public Works & Transportation Director, and Johnny Goetz, the Assistant Building Official, are leaving the organization after August 2, 2013.

While these announcements are extremely challenging, operationally and emotionally for the organization, we are committed to moving on. As part of this transition, we will evaluate the causes of the recent employee departures. Anticipating questions concerning Ray’s and Johnny’s departures, we have attempted to provide answers below.

1. Why are Ray and Johnny leaving?

Ray is leaving for reasons that are both professional and personal. In his case, the new position in South Lake Tahoe is going to be more narrowly focused on public works. The personal and family benefits of the transition are a large part of the decision.

Johnny is going to the Town of Truckee, and his departure is a result of a positive career opportunity presented to him and his family. In Johnny’s case, the new career opportunity is a promotion.

2. Are these employees’ departures indicative of an organizational problem that should be addressed?

The cumulative effects on the organization of the challenges in the last five years are a factor in these departures, but not the leading factor. At the same time, the fiscal challenges that resulted in an organization that is over-stretched and overcharged have led employees to be more receptive to outside opportunities.

3. What is the Town’s transition plan?

Ray and Johnny are going to be working closely with the Town Manager and their colleagues to develop a transition plan that would include both the short term and long-term components. As part of that plan, individual responsibilities of both Ray’s and Johnny’s positions will be evaluated to determine if the current positions are best suited to provide the complex nature of their duties and assignments.