Public Health Officer Joins Governor’s Group

We learned today that the Eastern Sierra has a kind of “in” with Governor Schwarzenegger when it comes to emergency aid and planning. The Governor has appointed Inyo-Mono Health Officer Dr. Rick Johnson to the prestigious California Emergency Council. This council is an advisory body to the Governor in times of emergency.

The Emergency Council recommends orders and regulations, provisions on emergency aid, and strategies for emergency planning. The Governor appoints six members from areas of city and county government, fire services, law enforcement and a local public health agency as well as the Red Cross.

It’s nice to know someone familiar with the Eastern Sierra will be a member of that group. Dr. Johnson is our public health officer, the Medical Health Operational Area Coordinator for Inyo and Mono, a pediatrician for Mammoth Hospital with an extensive background in pediatric medicine.

Dr. Johnson also served two years as a medical doctor in the U.S. Army Reserve and two years as a civilian staff pediatrician and acting medical director for the Hoa Khanh Children’s Hospital in Danang, South Vietnam.


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